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NAME - the domain that's exclusively for you

Names are a big part of our lives. They're with us from birth and they're how people know and find us. Now, with .name, your name can be central to your life online too. As your .name can be registered for up to 10 years and ownership is renewable, your .name really can be yours for life.

.Name is the first Internet domain dedicated solely to the needs of individuals around the world. When you buy your .name you are buying your own 'domain' - an Internet address that is exclusively yours. The unique thing about .name is that it is a domain just for individuals, so all .name addresses are people's personal names. In fact, it's likely that .name will become the global standard domain for personal websites and email addresses


Why buy my .name?
  • You can make a name for yourself online. Because .name is specifically designed for individuals, it's easy for you to grab your own personal territory on the web.
  • It makes staying in touch so easy. Your .name is extremely simple for your friends and relatives to remember.
  • It's always there. Wherever you are in the world, whatever stage you have reached in your life, however you're connected to the web - your .name will be always be accessible
  • It's global. The .name domain is a world-wide standard in the same way as .com or .org.
  • Your .name domain is non-commercial. It's your .name - and that's it!
  • Free email forwarding! As a special introductory offer for AnyWebcustomers, each dot name domain name will come complete with your own unique free email forwarding service. This easy to remember email address can forward to any other email address you choose, whether you change jobs, countries or ISP's.
What's in a .name?
A .name domain has three 'levels'. The first level is the actual '.name' suffix and the second and third levels are your first and last name. Unlike current domains, which only have one dot, .name has two. And because there are two dots in a .name address, it's easier for you to get a domain personal to you.

For example, if your name was Dylan Jones your .name could be:


If you chose this .name, then your free email address would be:



Name Watch - Monitor your dot name
The Name Watch service is an exciting new product targeted at intellectual property owners, or indeed anyone who wants to monitor all dot name registrations that match a key term.
Email us for more information about NameWatch.
Pre-registration Application & Selection - (Now Open)

Pre-registration for .Name is now open. Make sure you secure your own unique on-line personal identity Now!

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