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What is .BIZ?

Hundreds of thousands of diverse, smart businesses around the world have discovered .BIZ, the Internet domain built for business. By now, you've probably heard of .BIZ, the new and visionary domain that will compliment, enhance, and extend how you do business on the Internet. Don't delay—take the next step to register your own .BIZ address today!

With .BIZ, you get more than a web address; you also get a GREAT name that tells customers, prospects, and suppliers that you belong to an elite group that's all business.

The benefits of .BIZ


  • Changing the details of your .BIZ address requires enhanced validation before modifications take effect.
  • Secure your peace of mind; your .BIZ name won't be hijacked and changes can't be made to your website without your approval.

This is your space to conduct business.

  • Cut out the clutter and confusion; stick to business.
  • Get your .BIZ name with real time registration.—.BIZ lets you open for business immediately.
  • .BIZ offers companies the opportunity to get the name they really want.
  • .BIZ enhances a company's presence on the Web with a domain name that means nothing but business.
  • .BIZ offers a more timely, stable and secure Internet address to businesses worldwide. The intelligent directory structure behind .BIZ will enable a technology environment better suited to the needs of business.
  • .BIZ operates on an open interface standard that allows technology leaders to take advantage of the .BIZ platform in developing new products and services.
Who can use the .BIZ domain?

The .BIZ domain can only be used for a "bona fide business or commercial use".
A bona fide business use is one of the following:

  • To exchange goods, services, or property of any kind;
  • In the ordinary course of trade or business; or
  • To facilitate
    • the exchange of goods, services, information, or property of any kind; or,
    • the ordinary course of trade or business
.biz domain registration pricelist
Quantity of Names 1 2 3 5
Price Ex Vat £28 £27.00 £26 £25
Price Inc Vat £32.90 £31.72 £30.48


NOTE : Registration for .biz domains are for TWO years
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